The construction project 'SüdSüdWest' includes 77 high quality apartments and is built according to the latest energy standards and energy efficient. Construction of high-end features spacious rooms, free additional services, a variety of activities and the provision of an electric car will be offered.

  • Setup of Internet Website
  • Integration of virtual tours
  • Completely HTML5
  • Several social media platforms
  • Provider and hosting services

TUIfly.com - Webblog

Fly at the smile rate
TUI is the largest tourism corporation in Europe. The company has more than 62,000 employees and an annual turnover of 18.0 billion EUR. Tuifly.com aims at transporting 13.5 million passengers with their 56 aeroplanes. Their routes currently cover 75 destinations in 17 countries.

  • Porting of their blog to WordPress Open Source
  • Marketing measures
  • Podcasting
  • Technical consulting

Belgium tourism: Flanders and Brussels

Flanders is the northern, officially Dutch-speaking region in Belgium. It looks back on an eventful history which accounts for a rich cultural heritage. Various modules, extensions and interfaces have been created by q-wert.net to evaluate and target current and potential markets.

  • Porting of world.com CMS to Typo3
  • Doc-q-cart support (PDF - article trolley)
  • Microsoft Access direct marketing interface
  • Newsletter tracking
  • XML - interfaces to external service data banks
  • Real-time analyses to optimize the marketing measures

Nuerburgring GmbH

Largest and longest existing racing track in Germany

  • Relaunch/setup of Internet portal
  • Typo3 CMS setup and installation (content management)
  • All pages are managed by the client
  • Rights management, access of various users to their own areas of the website
  • Provider and hosting services
  • Ticket sales for DTM, 24h, VLM, Formula 1, etc.
  • Press login, news

"Easy handling via web interface, clear administration and a very short familiarization period. Typo3 is stable and reliable. A true out-of-the-box system at a fair price. I am convinced by the product and the experience has been very positive."

Andreas Bruckner on Typo3 by q-wert.net

Head of Marketing / Distribution, Nürburgring GmbH (Racing circuit Formula 1, DTM, 24 h, 60 employees)

The Nürburgring was opened in 1927. In 1984, it was converted into the "most modern and safest Grand-Prix racing track in the world", where e.g. the following events take place:

Formula-1 European Grand Prix, the 24-h race, the DTM, the VLN Long-Distance Race or the rock festival Rock am Ring.

Ticket sales, stable hosting even when traffic is extremely high, as well as a sound navigation plan and a dynamic design are required of the Internet representation of a racing track with top international events. A task force was set up by Nürburgring GmbH and q-wert.net to achieve these aims.

Bikeworld Nuerburgring

Service and competence center for motorcyclists
Complete service for everything to do with motorcycles, touring, and rider training plus clothing, accessories, a café, and always plenty of fellow riders.

  • Corporate design development
  • Relaunch/establish Internet portal
  • Typo3 set-up and installation (content management)
  • E-commerce, online shop, used market
  • The customer completely administers all pages
  • ISP and hosting services
  • Customized contact and event module
  • Various print media

Seamless integration of Modix resulted in a comprehensive solution for vehicle sales. Modix makes many steps more efficient, such as automated reconciliation of more than 70 relevant vehicle markets or automated generation of print-ready advertisements, and much more.

BikeWorld Nürburgring is the hub for motorcycle fans at and near Nürburgring. Each year, more than 10,000 riders come to the 25,000 m² BikeWorld.

"We view q-wert as our strategic partner for implementing our e-business ideas. They have the knowledge, the absolute insistence on quality, and the resources that will allow us to meet our goals in a timely manner."

Alexander Asch
Managing Director, BikeWorld Nürburgring GmbH (motorcycle competence center, 13 employees)

Kleefeld - A Green Life

The Internet portal of the KleefeldBuchholz eG residential co-op has a modern, flexible, and clearly structured appearance, but it also has plenty of technical refinements.

  • Revision of the corporate design (Web)
  • Relaunch/establish Internet portal
  • ISP and hosting services
  • Dynamic generation of apartment brochure in HTML or PDF
  • Integrated search
  • Database with more than 4000 apartments
  • Marketing of the properties on 35 other portals

By integrating Immoslve into Typo3, properties can be released in all major regional and interregional real estate markets without additional effort. Additional features: Print preview as PDF, client administration, and property administration with images and floor plans.

An ergonomic user interface makes it easy to centrally administer the website content and market a pool of more than 4000 apartments. This well-established company wanted more than just a new corporate design. They also placed a high priority on having a customized, user-friendly tool for finding an apartment on the Internet.

Lower Saxony Sports Association

Lower Saxony Sports Association (LSB) represents 9600 sports associations and 2.86 million members with 70 full-time employees. It is focused on promoting sports and the development of sports centers in the German state of Lower Saxony.

  • Relaunch/establish Internet portal
  • MySQL - PHP database directory of more than 9500 sports associations
  • Establishment of various MySQL - PHP modules
  • Capturing and administration modules
  • Event and Association directory for 9500 sports associations
  • Online training material for 150 editors
  • Online training registration and invoicing

q-wert.net created efficient ways to attract members to the Internet platform and handle cost-intensive administrative processes online.

This was done in two steps. In the first phase, an attractive platform was created for a variety of user profiles and optimized with extensive testing. Modules for training and educational materials were then installed during the second phase. Finally, multi-part training for multiplicators was held.

Wilhelm Wallbrecht

Strong company in the construction sector
The 100-year-old company has a total of 120 employees at its two locations and an annual turnover of 35 million EUR.

  • Revision of the corporate design
  • Relaunch/setup Internet representation
  • Implementation of various MySQL - PHP recording and administration modules
  • Call for tenders and reference data bank
  • Tender presentation to record in reference data bank
  • Webcam automation
  • Various print media

Wilhelm Wallbrecht GmbH & Co. KG is a strong and forward-looking company in the construction sector located in Hannover and Magdeburg. Its core business is ready-for-occupancy housing and commercial buildings, shell construction and refurbishment.

Carsten Grobe Passivhaus GmbH

Ecological, economical & energy-saving constructionThe architect's office Carsten Grobe is a group of young architects and engineers.The group serves builder-owners, investors as well as architects and property developers as concerns the construction of low-energy houses, passive houses, zero-energy and plus-energy houses.

An important part of our project was the Search engine optimization (SEO) to improve ranking in search engine results.

  • Development of a logo and of a corporate design
  • Creation of the homepage, design and programing
  • Creation of the data bank structure and interface for providers of materials for passive houses and construction companies
  • Online registration for seminars
  • Online software and literature sales and placing of orders for services
  • Creation of a software-based presentation for use on terminals and in the Internet
  • Integration of external contents in existing corporate design
  • Recommendation script
  • Various print media

"We especially appreciated their capacity to always convey what we wanted to say rapidly and above all in a creative way. q-wert.net provided an important and positive input to our web presence with their valuable ideas."

Carsten Grobe Passivhaus GmbH
(Architects for energetical construction/low-energy consumption housing, 10 employees)

Phoenix-Racing GmbH

Tourenwagen-, FIA GT- and CarreraCup-Team


  • Creation of the homepage, design and programing
  • Relaunch/setup of Internet representation
  • Porting to Typo3 - CMS
  • Successful Flash game "RACE AND WIN"
  • Programming Car race in Macromedia Flash
  • Provider and hosting services

"q-wert successfully combines creativity and technical know-how. They delivered more than just a website. q-wert is good news! We intend to stick with them."

Ernst Moser
Managing Director
Phoenix-Racing GmbH
(German Touring Car Championship)
12 employees

Gran Turismo, FIA GT und CarreraCup teams Since the beginning of the new DTM the team has been continuously employed as brand team. The best results of the Phoenix team have been two victories at the 24-h race on the Nürburgring in 2000 and 2003. The Audi Sport Team Phoenix will be represented by 20 employees in the DTM.

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