Our favorite discipline is to create the best possible programming to support your goals!
We can do it all: Typo3 and social software, XHTML, PHP, or AJAX & Web 2.0.

Do you know the secret to good programming?

Competence, creativity, competence, creativity…

Are you looking for an application that is perfectly adapted to your project?
Our software specialists know how to make multi-function online systems that are efficient and easy-to-use. Through strict compliance with all security guidelines, we ensure a stable network and optimize the flow of data at all levels.

This makes it easy for you to control intranet and extranet-based channels of communication and interactive instruments from your Internet portal or homepage.

We use technology that is right for you! Click

  • PHP, MySQL Datenbanken
  • Ajax, JavaScript
  • Typo3, TypoScript
  • Macromedia Flash
  • Rich Internet Applications